Sunday, April 12, 2009

Virginia Hawkins Falls...again 04/12/09

I appologize for not updating the blog last night, but we certainly made the most of a beautiful Easter Day. We took another trek to Virginia Hawkins Falls. With all the recent rain, there was a lot of water, making the falls even more spectacular. It also made the trail a bit slippery in some places! Spring flowers are budding out everywhere, with a few in full bloom, but there are many more to come. I have listed the names of the plants pictured at the end of the blog. I think everyone on the hike would agree words and pictures can't express the beauty of this forest. This waterfall is along the Foothills Trail. If you haven't read about the trail, it is worth checking into. The Foothills Trail is an 80-mile foot trail running along the Blue Ridge Escarpment from Oconee State Park north of Walhalla, SC to Table Rock State Park north of Pickens, SC. A spur trail continues to Caesars Head and Jones Gap State Parks north of Greenville, SC. Everyone on the hike expressed interest in one day hiking the entire trail, at least in sections. One resource I read noted the trail contains so many waterfalls it should have been named the "Waterfall Trail".

Future Hikes: We don't have any hikes planned for the rest of the month, however, April 26th might be a possibility, if anyone is interested. We will certainly plan more Saturday hikes for next month. As always, if there is somewhere you would like to go, let me know, and we will plan a trip!

See you in the woods~

Pictured in this blog:
Vasey's Trillum
Sweet white violet
Appalachian Bluet
Dwarf Iris
Robin's-plantain (fleabane)
Indian cucumber root
Earthstar mushroom
*I try to research each plant pictured for accuracy, if I am not sure of the correct name. If I have labled something incorrectly, please let me know.

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