Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lee Falls, Oconee County SC

What a beautiful day! Once again, an unplanned trip turned into a fabulous hiking opportunity. Lee Falls on the Tamassee Creek in Oconee County makes a dramatic 75 ft. drop over a granite cliff, and continues cascading down several more tiers of rock and through huge moss covered bolders. Once voted Oconee County's most scenic waterfall, there is not an official trail to the waterfall. However, we found the "unofficial" trail fairly easy to follow. The trail involved several crossings of Tamassee Creek and the last .2 miles is very rocky, steep and challenging. There were so many unusual and rare wildflowers along the way, it will take me days to edit the pictures. I will add them to the blog as I edit them. Anyone is welcome to accompany us on the "unplanned Sunday trips". We often don't know where we're going until the morning of, and often don't know what type of conditions we will find when we get there...but I will be glad to give you a call, if you're up for a spur of the moment trip.
"Upstate VA Hikers" car stickers are also here, $2 each; anyone wanting one, let me know.
See you in the woods~

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