Sunday, March 15, 2009

Virginia Hawkins Falls

Sometimes, you just have to do it! Even with the forecast of heavy rain, wanderlust got the best of us, and we couldn’t resist hiking to Virginia Hawkins Falls. Fortunately for me, and my best hiking companion Mark, the rain stopped before we got there, and held off the entire time we were hiking. The guidebooks report this waterfall is best viewed when there is high water flow, and the books didn’t lie. This is a fabulous waterfall, and well worth the hike to get there. While this trail has a rating of moderate, parts of it were certainly on the more challenging side of moderate, with some steep, slippery areas. This was a beautiful 3.8 mile hike round trip through a canopy of rhododendrons, massive hemlocks, sharp rock walls, and several bridges crossing over the stream. At times, we were hiking through the low hanging clouds, which added to the beauty of the forest. This is a trek well worth repeating!
See you in the woods~

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