Monday, January 17, 2011

Bull Island

A beautiful day, a great group of people, and the wonders of a South Carolina Barrier Island. We couldn't have asked for better weather, or a more exciting, fun filled day. If you haven't had the opportunity to visit Bull Island, it is well worth the trip. Many thanks to our friends at Coastal Expeditions for the great Ferry service to the island.

Our Group

Enjoying a chilly ferry ride to the island.
Captain Chris giving us a few instructions.

J.Chris telling us about the wildlife in the area.

A local raking for clams
Watching Bottlenose Dolphins swimming along side the ferry.
A Bald Eagle that landed right in front of the ferry.

More Dolphin and bird watching on the ferry ride.

Great Blue Herons.

A very shy Kingfisher. The minute we got closer he flew away.

I can hear the ocean!
American Oyster Catchers

A Peregrine Falcon. The fastest bird in the world. Hence the reason for not having a better picture.

Time to hit the beach. There were Starfish everywhere.

A Calico Crab

There was an abundance of Sand dollars.
The 5 white doves inside the Sand dollar. Follow the link for the Story of the Sandollar.

Brown Pelicans

More Starfish.

Taking a break, and letting the others catch up at Boneyard beach.

Enjoying the trees on Boneyard Beach.

The unique beauty of Boneyard beach.

Heading back to the interior of the island.

Yes, that is one impressive aligator!

Hmm, wonder what is hiding under the algae?

And the aligators are even more impressive when they are on the road in front of us.

Aligators everywhere!
A tired bunch of hikers heading back to the ferry.

Take a load off, but not in the sandspurs!
A tired, but happy bunch of folks!
Now to end a great day with some wonderful seafood at the SeeWee Restaurant.

Everyone had a great time. Join us on our next hike!

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