Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kings Creek Falls and Spoonauger Falls

I must appologize to my fellow hikers for not updating the blog earlier. As the saying goes, life comes at you fast, and 2010 has been a busy year. Our group had a very uneventful hiking spring, as we were all busy doing other things, getting children graduated from high school and college, taking care of parents, dealing with a raging bout of mononucleosis (my poor daughter) and the like. As fall approached however, we found ourselves feeling better than ever and anxious to get in the woods. We have had several wonderful hikes, the first being to Kings Creek and Spoonaugher Falls. Beautiful hikes, beautiful waterfalls, and not terribly challenging for an inagural fall hike. I would like to add a note of thanks to someone I have never met, but have used his waterfall website extensively, Allen Easler. His directions, trail guides and ratings of the waterfalls has always been spot on. Much easier to follow than a lot of the other guides I have used. I will have to email him and let him know he got kudos in my blog. I hope you enjoy the pictures and have an opportunity to experience the beautiful scenery of Upstate South Carolina.

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